When Renting Makes Sense

When most people think about investing in their business, it entails making a large fixed asset purchase.  Many Global Drying customers are shocked when we show how renting equipment such as commercial dehumidifiers might be the best investment that they will ever make.

Our team has observed equipment utilization rates for hundreds of restoration companies. Our experience shows that most companies use their equipment less than 10% of the time over its useful life. That equates to roughly 328 days out of every calendar year during which the equipment simply sits, unused, in a warehouse.

We crunched numbers to compare profits from purchasing versus renting equipment.  In order for the profit from purchased equipment to equal the profit earned from reinvested working capital when using rental equipment, a 38% utilization rate is required – a number virtually unheard of in the industry. In two years, it's the potential difference between earning $4,900 or $27,600. And that's an investment that would be hard for anyone to overlook!

One of the first reactions we always get is, "Sure, that's great, but how do I know that I'll have the equipment I need, when the job is available? After all, it's the early bird who gets the worm!" That's why Global Drying Equipment offers outstanding customer service options, including our Honor Lease Program for select customers to pay only according to reported usage while keeping the equipment on site. It's an option virtually unheard of in our industry, and one that can make a huge impact on your bottom line.

Want to see for yourself the difference in partnering with Global Drying Equipment to source your restoration equipment needs? Contact our sales team today. One of our business-focused sales team members will be happy to work with you to create a custom leasing package that meets your unique needs. We'd be honored to be an integral part of the best investment your business has ever made.

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