Global Drying Equipment Is There

When an unexpected rainstorm floods multiple homes in your city, Global Drying Equipment is there to help meet the demand for restoration equipment.

When you planned for the stormy season, but never could have planned for such extensive clean-up needs, Global Drying is there with extra equipment and professional advice.

September has been a busy month at Global Drying Equipment as we’ve worked to be there for all of our clients. As flood waters rose in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Global Drying Equipment provided dehumidifiers and generators to help restoration professionals deal with one of the worst floods in that area’s history. When Hurricane Hermine stalled off the coast of the Eastern Atlantic, slamming the area with rain and strong winds, Global Drying was there with dehumidifiers and generators to help those restoration professionals. And yet even while servicing these two disaster areas, Global Drying Equipment still met the needs of clients in all our service areas, from Ohio to Maryland to Georgia and everywhere in between. That's service you can rely on.

Global Drying Equipment has the equipment, expertise and manpower to respond to our clients’ day-to-day needs and the once-in-a-century disasters. From weather events to daily construction, from bathroom floods to city floods, our professionals are here to help clients large and small.

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