Our Commitment to Service

Global Drying rents and maintains a large fleet of commercial grade drying and climate control equipment for restoration, construction and industrial painting professionals.

Our staff takes a unique approach to providing you with the equipment you need. Our consultation process ensures that we completely understand your company’s equipment needs based on size, performance and predicted demand.

Whether we are helping restoration professionals prepare for storm season or an industrial painter equip a complicated job, we offer competitive rates that make sense for each end-use.

Our agile management team realizes there is no one- size-fits-all product package or lease program for the businesses we serve. That’s why we offer flexible leasing options giving our customers a competitive edge and helping them win jobs while also insuring that they have the equipment on hand to get any job done.

Our “Before-the-Storm Delivery” option allows customers to contact us upon the first reports of predicted storm events.  Our team is often able to deliver days or even weeks prior to other rental providers, allowing you to get on-site with the right equipment far sooner than your competitors.

The Global Drying Honor Lease program is one of the most creative options in the market and just one example of our tireless commitment to having a positive impact on your bottom line. Available to select customers, the program allows you to keep equipment on hand and on site but only pay for your actual usage.

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