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Concrete Slab Dehumidification

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In order to prepare concrete slabs effectively and to flooring manufacturers’ standards—without ruining a project’s timeline—use hard-working, on-site dehumidification equipment. 


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Challenges Facing Construction Professionals

One of the most difficult challenges facing construction professionals is the timing and scheduling of major projects. An entire building can be put on hold if one piece of the complex puzzle doesn’t finish on time or up to standards. One of the key pieces that can greatly affect a construction schedule is the application of new flooring, which depends on the preparation of concrete slabs.

When laying flooring on a concrete slab, it’s imperative that the concrete be dry to the standards of flooring-material manufacturers. Rushed or poorly completed jobs can void the product’s warranty or result in significant unbudgeted costs. RH specifications for new flooring materials have become even more stringent due to the impact of environmental regulations on modern adhesives. And when working on projects like health-care centers and medical buildings, the standards can be even more demanding.


Chemical Mitigation

Chemical mitigation may sound like a simple solution, but its high cost and unreliable results may leave contractors in troubling situations. For approximately $2-per-square foot (compared to chemical mitigation at around $6-$7/sq. ft.), Global Drying Equipment’s mechanical dehumidification solutions prepare concrete slabs for flooring applications while keeping the project on schedule and on budget.

Global Drying Equipment’s professional-grade dehumidifiers, desiccants and air movers offer the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution to prepare concrete slabs for modern flooring installations, including Vinyl Composite Tile. Our expert sales team knows the challenges of construction sites and can advise on the best solutions to meet those challenges—on time and on budget.


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Read a Case Study about how Global Drying Equipment helped a contractor in Georgia prepare concrete slabs for a major health care project. Or read more about the benefits of mechanical dehumidification versus chemical mitigation.  Then contact our team to schedule your next equipment rental.

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