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Why You Should Rent
Instead Of Buy

Global Drying Equipment offers top-of-the-line, professional equipment—including dehumidifiers, desiccants, generators and more—for restoration projects and construction jobs. We are a trusted partner for restoration companies, construction teams, industrial painters, and other building professionals.


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Why Rent?

Our equipment is readily available to meet the needs of your customers without the cost of storing and maintaining the equipment. Renting restoration equipment is a smart business choice, allowing contractors and business owners to:

Avoid Overhead – Most restoration companies use their equipment less than 10% of the time over its useful life. That equates to roughly 328 days out of every calendar year during which the equipment simply sits, unused, in a warehouse. Why should you pay to store and maintain equipment you’re not using? Instead, call us to have equipment sent to you only when you need it.

Adjust Seasonally – As weather changes, so does the demand for restoration services. Renting equipment allows you to be fully prepared to respond to floods or freezes with extra equipment to meet the needs of your customers, but not pay for that equipment in calmer, dryer months.

Grow Your Business – We rent equipment throughout the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. You have the freedom to expand to new markets, knowing the equipment will be there when you need it. Additionally, you can take on jobs beyond your current capacity by renting specialty or large-capacity equipment to meet any job size or requirement.

Compete Better – Our rental rates are low, so you can price your services more aggressively than companies strapped down by high ownership costs. We also offer even more competitive pricing for longer rentals and higher volume.

Improve ROI – Perhaps the best benefit of renting equipment is saving money. Check out this infographic to learn how renting restoration equipment from Global Drying Equipment can save your business significant amounts of money:

Equipment Purchase vs. Rental: A Cost Comparison

Ready to learn more about restoration equipment rentals? Contact our knowledgable sales team today at 888-794-5308, or request a free, personalized consultation to learn how rental equipment can help your company.

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