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Painting & Coating Projects

Save Time & Money
with Optimal Conditions

Drying equipment can be a great help on most...

Save Time & Money
with Optimal Conditions

Drying equipment can be a great help on most construction & industrial projects. However, when it comes to the Painting & Coating industry, it is essential to saving time and money. Industrial dehumidifiers can be utilized in an array of different types of situations. Not only can they help remove unwanted moisture to prevent mold growth and limit water damage. Just as importantly, industrial dehumidifiers are used in painting applications for large spaces & projects.


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While many different dehumidifiers may remove moisture from the air a combination of desiccant & condensate dehumidifiers work great together. Desiccant dehumidifiers expose desiccant into the air, which soaks up the humidity and condensate pump dehumidifiers use a refrigerated coil or another cold surface to condense the water from the air.

Coating Applications 

When it comes to the application of paints, sealants or coatings to concrete & metal, industrial dehumidifiers can greatly help reduce the moisture in the air. Maintaining humidity control on painting & coating projects can ensure that the paint or coating bonds correctly with the concrete or metal. Less moisture in the air means less bubbles and cracks during the painting & coating process. Simply put, if you can reduce the moisture on your project, you can reduce the chance of having to repair or repaint once the project is completed. This piece of mind can be essential with time & pressure sensitive projects.

Thank you & your company Global Drying Equipment for helping CBS, Inc with your quick response & strong professionalism. The service part of the business is a lost art, but Global showed CBS, Inc that they put service first. It was great working with you & look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you so very much!

Larry Reeves, President - CBS Inc., Rockville, MD

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