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Water Damage Restoration

GDE Can Help with
Water Damage Restoration

As a restoration professional, your job is to help...

GDE Can Help with
Water Damage Restoration

As a restoration professional, your job is to help manage panic. People call you at all hours of the day, every day of the week, for your help solving big problems. Whether you’re removing standing water from a crawl space, drying out soaked carpet or cleaning up the chaos of a flooded basement, you are the person who saves the day.



Peak Season Demands

Everyone in the restoration business knows the ever-changing demands of peak season can wreak havoc. If you’re caught without the right equipment during the busiest time of the year, you are facing significant opportunity losses. But luck, as they say, favors the prepared, and here at GDE we want to work with you to identify your peak-season needs and provide you with the arrangement that works best for you.

Our Experience Is Second To None

We are uniquely prepared to meet whatever demands fall on your business. GDE offers a range of service plans that allow you to take on challenges and unforeseen events in the most timely and cost-effective way possible. If you’re the type of company that only wants to rent in case of need during the peak season, we will take a best-efforts approach to get you what you need.


Partner with GDE


The benefits of GDE are more clearly seen in our relationships with regular and asset enhancement members. When you rent from GDE on a routine and regular basis, we will take the lead and contact you whenever it looks like business is going to pick up. We initiate and arrange the allocation of the equipment that you need so you can be proactive on your end.

We truly value the relationship that we have with our customers, and it is our mission to provide the support that they need to achieve maximum profitability.


Our experience with Global has been incredible. They're our go to supplier for catastrophe and drying equipment when our large inventory is tapped out. Allowing us the opportunity to service all our clients and establish new ones. The equipment is in great condition and the people are truly out for our best interest.

Fred Rodriguez, CMRS, CSDS, President - Remediation Group, Inc., Atlanta, GA

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Start a Partnership

Start a Partnership

Start a Partnership

Sign a Master Lease Agreement now, and you’ll be all set to get rental equipment with only a phone call. You will receive the Agreement via email and can sign it electronically using your smartphone or computer. Remember, you have no obligation until you actually arrange a rental.

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