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Be Prepared for Spring Floods

Be Prepared for Spring Floods

Throughout the winter, we’ve been advising our clients on how to prepare for and later handle the effects of extremely cold weather, ice and snow on their customers’ homes and restoration sites.

After the brutal winter that we've experienced, it’s now time to shift from preparing for ice and snow to dealing with its after-effects: floods. This spring, as the heavy snow melts and heavy rains move in, we likely will see a series of floods and subsequent water damage to homes and building sites throughout the eastern half of the United States. So how can restoration professionals prepare for the coming water threat?

• First, take the time to educate your customers. Help them know how to be safe, advise them on getting flood insurance, and guide them through determining how to assess damage. There are some great tools online that you can share with customers, such as this Spring Flood Sheet from Ready.gov or this Flood Smart sheet from FEMA.

• Next, prepare your business to handle the increased volume. Global Drying Equipment wants to help you prepare for flood damage by ordering your equipment in advance, so you can respond immediately to your customers. Our “Before the Storm” delivery option allows you to rent desiccants, dehumidifiers or air movers to handle the volume of demand after a flood. Simply contact us before an expected storm, and we’ll work to provide you with equipment right away, so you’ll be ready to help customers the moment damage occurs. This can help you save significant expenses since you won’t have to own the equipment yourself, but you will still be able to provide your clients with immediate, much-needed service.

During floods, clients will rely on you to help control and fix the damage. Trust that you can rely on Global Drying Equipment to help you meet your clients’ needs. Contact us today to discuss how you can be prepared for flood season.


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