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Never Rent Equipment in a Panic

Never Rent Equipment in a Panic

As a restoration professional, your job is a help manage panic. People call you at all hours of the day, every day of the week, for your help solving big problems. Whether you’re removing standing water from a crawl space, drying out soaked carpet or cleaning up the chaos of a flooded basement, you are the person who comes in to save the day.

Since you have to be the one to manage others’ panic, it’s vital that you never panic yourself. And not knowing if you have enough equipment or manpower to respond to customer calls may indeed cause some stress. You don’t want to have to buy $100,000 worth of equipment impulsively in the middle of the night, just because you never thought the flood levels would get that high, or the rain would last that long, or the ice would be that destructive….

Prevent the panic by engaging with Global Drying Equipment ahead of time. We work with restoration companies who don’t need to rent additional dehumidifiers, desiccants, or air movers right now, but understand it’s vital to have contingency planning and equipment support in advance of peak business cycles. With a Master Lease Agreement, we can take care of the paperwork and set up our relationship so that we’re ready to get equipment to you immediately, without fussing with new contracts or basic information. Your business is to respond immediately, so we want to be able to respond immediately to you by shipping equipment, right away, from one of our many equipment depots. A Master Lease Agreement helps us help you by ensuring you can immediately meet your customers’ needs.

Learn more about the benefits of renting equipment instead of buying it (and check out the cost-comparison infographic). Then, learn more about the benefits of starting a relationship with a rental company now.

Ready to talk with us about a Master Lease, or just learn how renting from Global Drying Equipment can help you avoid the last-minute equipment panic? Contact one of our knowledgeable salespeople today at 888-794-5308.

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