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Unpredictable Damage

Unpredictable Damage

You already know that winter is going to be a busy time. With the likelihood of greater snow accumulation and subzero temperatures on the horizon, we want to help you to be fully prepared to help your customers in their hour of need. Anyone who has ever experienced great snow accumulation, knows that ice dams can be a scourge on homeowners, as snow or ice accumulation on roofs will melt during the day only to freeze again at night, preventing proper drainage and causing water to back up and seep through the walls and ceiling.

Naturally, this type of damage is more unpredictable than the heavy winter storm that you can see coming, so it is vital that you have at your disposal the proper equipment to handle these emergencies in the most timely and cost-effective way possible. This is where your partnership with GDE will yield tremendous results, lifting the stress off of you by enabling you to serve your customers in their time of need. Our results-based business model provides you with the leverage to take on more jobs, and the resources to show your customers a superior level of service.

Our unmatched leasing programs allow easy access to the heating and drying equipment you will need to answer your customer's cold call. We offer a variety of rental options, tailored to fit your needs. For those times when Mother Nature is at her most unpredictable, our unique Honor Lease Program lets you keep our equipment on site for a predetermined amount of time, and you will only be charged for your actual use during that period.

When you contact GDE, you will see for yourself how our unparalleled customer service makes us who we are, and that we are committed to helping you manage your customer's needs without having to worry about your own.

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