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Under Water!

Under Water!

At Global Drying Equipment, we understand that the ability to adapt to changing circumstances is what makes a restoration company successful. Nowhere is this skill more important than when it comes to water damage. A panicked client, water everywhere, an overwhelming sense of loss—these are formidable challenges. Prompt action and professional expertise are vital to reassuring the customer and delivering top-notch service.

Our significant collection of equipment can tackle any type of water loss that you might face. If you are looking at a simple Class 1 loss and need a minimal amount of equipment, we can help you. If you've encountered a Class 3 loss with water wicking that has led to complete saturation, we have the tools that you need. 

As always, we will work with you to meet the inevitable changes on any project. If saturated carpet removal leads a Class 3 to be changed to a Class 2, we will remove the unnecessary equipment from your site to save you money. Should you find that the damage is more severe than previously known, we can get the additional equipment to you without delay so you can stay on schedule and meet project deadlines.

With GDE as your partner, you and your clients can be confident that the finest professional expertise and equipment are there when you need them the most.

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