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Weather the Storm

Weather the Storm

No matter how well-prepared a business might think it is, it’s a universal truth that no one can control the weather. Mother Nature is an unpredictable nemesis, and regardless of how well-insured a business might be, she can still do some serious damage. The question that always follows the storm is, “Well, what now?”

Loss of Revenue

Businesses impacted by severe weather face often huge losses, not just damage to the physical facilities but loss of income due to business interruption. Your ability to quickly help them recover from storm damage means that they can minimize the delays in production and sales that affect profitability. We’re all at the mercy of what the world throws at us, but it’s only those with the ability to adapt quickly to adversity that are able to succeed, and GDE is there to help you in that mission.

What To Do

You may be thinking, “So what, should we just purchase expensive drying equipment just in case?” While we applaud your commitment to staying ahead of the weather, we both know that such a purchase isn’t friendly to the bottom line. With a quick phone call to our customer service team, we can have the equipment you need at your door when it looks like the skies are about to open. For the marginal cost of short-term rental, you can ensure your clients won’t be stuck out in the rain.

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