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At Global Drying Equipment, we think restoration companies should know their inventory utilization so they can explore options to increase utilization and conserve cash to fund jobs. Our experienced professionals can conduct in-depth asset utilization analyses at no charge and offer recommendations and options for optimizing your equipment investment.


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Global Drying Equipment has met with over 500 restoration companies. One of our main goals is to help customers manage their equipment investment effectively. We stress the value of maintaining liquidity to fund jobs instead of tying up cash in equipment that is underutilized.

Our analysis shows that companies should rent instead of purchasing unless they can consistently achieve approximately 40% utilization over the life of the equipment.


In-depth Analysis

We’ve found that most companies do not achieve more than 10-15% utilization. Here are actual results from our in-depth analysis of three of the better-performing restoration companies:

Analysis of restoration equipment usage

We're ready to meet with your team, review how your equipment is being used, run the costs, and most likely show you how renting equipment can improve your bottom line. Whether you're just starting the research on rental companies or you've worked with us before, we offer this review, free of charge, to everyone.

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We offer free equipment utilization reviews to help clients and prospective clients learn how they are using their equipment, its effect on the bottom line, and how renting from Global Drying can keep more cash on hand, while still meeting customer needs. Contact us today to get started.

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