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Temporary Humidity Control

What We Know

From our conversations with construction professionals, we’ve found it’s...

What We Know

From our conversations with construction professionals, we’ve found it’s fairly common during construction projects for moisture levels in a specific area to be too high, requiring dehumidification to keep the project on schedule. Thus, at many construction sites, humidity control is needed, at least temporarily. 


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Humidity on the Job Site

Concrete, Electrical and Framing are just a few of the materials that can be harmed by moisture and humidity on a job site. When these problems arise they can potentially cause you to lose time and money rapidly. However, when you have a partner like Global Drying Equipment ready to deliver the equipment you need, you never have to panic. Getting ahead of the problem can make all the difference. 

Global Drying Equipment provides dehumidifiers, desiccant dehumidifiers and air movers for use on construction sites. Control you environment and Start a Partnership with us today!

Tales From The Field


Reducing condensation in an electrical room: At a big construction site in Atlanta, our client had an electrical room in the bowels of the building. The walls were constantly covered with moisture due to high humidity in the lower levels. This constant dampness was a problem, as workers needed to install electrical circuit boards and panels. Global Drying Equipment was called in to provide dehumidifiers for 4 months during the time of electrical work, ensuring the project had a timely completion and the workers were kept safe.


Avoiding condensation and preventing mold on concrete: At a prison construction site in Savannah, Georgia, fire-proofing material that was being installed in the building became mold-infested due to the high humidity in the area. Initially, Global Drying Equipment provided desiccant dehumidifiers to facilitate the mold remediation in the affected areas. After the remediation was successfully completed, the contractor engaged Global Drying to provide continued humidity control while the fire-proofing was installed throughout the massive prison complex. This prevented a recurrence of the mold infestation, as the fire-proofing dried completely within a few days of the installation. Global Drying Equipment provided desiccant dehumidifiers for 2 months so that the project could be completed on schedule and to the product’s specifications.

Wood Frame

Dry air for wood framing: At the construction of a college dorm in Augusta, Georgia, the construction crew needed to control humidity levels to dry the wood framing inside a concrete building. Wood framing must be dried to specified relative humidity levels, depending upon the type of wood, before drywall can go up. This wood framing, however, was saturated due to heavy rains and high humidity over an extended time period. Global Drying Equipment provided dehumidifiers and air movers for 6 weeks to dry the wood framing to meet the relative humidity specification.

Contact Global Drying Equipment today to arrange for temporary humidity control at your construction site. We have the best rates in the industry.

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