Construction Dehumidification

Global Drying Equipment (GDE) is an industry leader in contract construction dehumidification, commercial dehumidification, and mechanical dehumidification. Our experienced team combined with our extensive fleet of professional-grade equipment make GDE an ideal partner for all of your contract dehumidification needs. We offer these commercial dehumidification services:

Attention to Timelines & Details

on-site dehumidification equipment

GDE has effective solutions for a wide range of drying applications, such as concrete preparation prior to applying humidity-sensitive adhesives and coatings, including floorings and epoxies. Our technicians are experienced professionals, allowing you to concentrate on the overall project while we handle the drying details.

We understand that your ability to meet deadlines is essential to ensuring your profit. GDE’s innovative mechanical dehumidification solutions have proven to be both timely in application and lasting in result.

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GDE offers professional equipment and industry expertise at prices that are guaranteed to improve your bottom line. Call 888-794-5308 or contact us using the form at right to request a quote on your construction or mechanical dehumidification project. We look forward to showing you the GDE difference.

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